The Bluecoats of Barnstable was incorporated June 3, 2005 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable corporation for the purpose of providing financial support to the family of a Barnstable police officer who has fallen or become incapacitated in the line of duty.  Tangent to that, our mission also allows the Bluecoats of Barnstable  to aid and provide funding to the Barnstable Police Department for the purchase of equipment, training, and other such items which are necessary but otherwise unfunded within the department’s annual budget.

In the years since our incorpoaration, our membership has grown from the original five incorporators; Chris Page, Hid Welch, Rita Jones, David Hirsch, and Hector Beuno, to today’s two hundred forty seven hand-picked members. Through the donations and generosity of our members, the Bluecoats of Barnstable has donated in excess of $387,000 to the Barnstable Police Department, which is inclusive of the $28,000 funded to date for an ongoing Death and Disability Insurance Policy covering every sworn police officer.